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At Longshine we want everyone to enjoy the fun that you get from living outdoors – even if you are on a tight budget. As campers, we call on our expertise to design tents that provide the perfect balance between quality, practicality, ease of use and price. We don’t want your camping experience or wallet to suffer when camping the Easy Camp way. Check out our tent ranges – there is something here for everyone!

A sleeping bag can be the difference between a good and bad nights sleep while camping. With so many different varieties on offer, you really can choose the right sleeping bag for you.We provide a huge range of Sleeping Bags to ensure you have a warm and comfortable night's sleep, whether you're crashing on a friend's couch or camping out on a mountain peak. Browse through our range of down fill or synthetic sleeping bags to find the right one for your adventures. Make sure you look at the fill weights and properties, as these will determine the temperature comfort ratings suitable to your adventures.