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Cut Resistant Gloves

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Working Gloves

Wuxi Longshine in China,is one of the world's largest and most advanced manufacturers of protective gloves. Since the inception in 2005, our comprehensive safety solutions and quality product innovations have helped manufacturers across a wide range of industries reduce worker injuries and boost productivity.   We know how important it is for your workers to be safe and at the same time work effectively. Hence we offer a wide range of products like working Gloves,that ensures the complete safety of your employees.We look forward to the opportunity to fulfill your requirements and establish a long lasting relationship.

Cut Resistant Gloves

The cut resistant gloves with comfort lasting trough out the day,with a strong research and development department backed by an in-house glove lab, we are licensed manufacturers of Kevlar and Dyneema.Innovation is number-one at Superior, and the reason why we’re able to offer the widest cut-resistant selection in the hand-protection industry.

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  • _MG_8743
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  • _MG_8773
  • _MG_8753
  • _MG_8775
  • _MG_8747
  • _MG_8798
  • 15G yellow nylon liner with Nitrile coated on palm
  • 15G seamless nylon liner with water based PU on palm
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  • _MG_8734
  • _MG_8740
  • _MG_8759
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  • _MG_8766
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